Quick Facts

Submission deadline: June 26th 2015

Notification: July 31st 2015


Committee members:

Frank Lee, Drexel University

Gavin Wood, Newcastle University


Come Out and CHI Play Submissions

Come Out and CHI PLAY is a new initiative for 2015 that will augment the social interaction and networking that takes place at the CHI PLAY conference. We will do this by giving delegates opportunity to participate in digital games inspired by the inclusivity and energy of the Come Out and Play festival.

Come Out and CHI PLAY will be a curated event that will take place during the conference breaks in a specially designated area. We welcome submissions from creative practitioners, game designers, artists, and interaction designs alike.

The digital games will be installed before and removed after the breaks and be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor and cannot be kept overnight. To this end, we will look for ideas that can be setup and effectively communicated in a short time.

We will select approx. six submissions for inclusion as we look for digital games that feature:

  • fast setup and simple configuration with more or less immediate play and short games
  • compelling play with innovative digital interaction
  • social play e.g. play between teams or groups, and/or with spectators
  • physical, body space and spatial play
  • games that present an interesting spectator interface
  • can be played in an area of about 7m2

Proposals should be made via email to Frank Lee Рemail: chiplaycoap@gmail.com, and include the following:

  • An abstract (max. 250 words) and tagline that describes the play or game. This text should describe the gameplay and what attendees will likely experience, as well as its relevance and suitable for inclusion at the conference.
  • Several high quality images (300 dpi) with an optional video illustrating the gameplay
  • A technical description of detailing equipment size, space needed and practical requirements e.g. power, Wi-Fi requirements and whether the game poses any risk to spectators or onlookers

Team eligibility and composition: 1-5 persons – Participants can make a team from different affiliations. However, participants cannot submit as part of more than one team.

Registration: If your idea is selected for inclusion, the team must register for the conference and attend the conference to organise their game or play.