Industry Track

Quick Facts: Call for Participation

Submission deadline: 15th July, 2016 (5:00pm PT)

CHI PLAY is looking for speakers who can provide insights into the theory and practice of “player-computer interaction” within the games industry.   Speaking at CHI PLAY is a great way to share insights gained from development and operations to an expert audience.

Presentations should be short (20 minutes including Q&A), issue-oriented, and provide concrete examples.  They can contain both practical and theoretical information.  Postmortems and case studies are welcome.

If you’re interested in being an industry speaker then please contact the industry chairs.  We will make final decisions on speakers by September 10th.  Note that speakers can attend the conference without paying the registration fee.

Some things to consider:

  • CHI PLAY attendees will generally be domain experts from the industry, academia or  both. They are looking for material that is not obvious or introductory, and excellence is expected from the speakers and participants at the conference.
  • We only accept proposals direct from the proposed speakers.  We do not accept proposals from speaking relation firms, PR firms or any other party.
  • We require direct contact with speakers to expedite questions during the selection process.
  • We generally prefer one speaker, but we may accept two if you can demonstrate the second person is necessary.
  • A presentation has not been confirmed until the proposal has received an acceptance letter from the Program Committee.
  • Preparation is one of the most important factors in delivering a successful talk, and we suggest rehearsing any presentation prior to a session.
  • The presentation proposal must match the actual content delivered at CHI PLAY.

If you have any questions, please email the industry chairs.