Quick Facts: Call for Participation

Submission deadline: 1st June 27th May, 2016 (5:00pm PT)

Workshop proposal notifications: 24th June, 2016

Workshop participation submissions: 12th July, 2016

Workshop participation notifications: 12th August, 2016

Submission format: 4 pages (excluding references) in ACM SIGCHI Extended Abstract format, workshop at the conference

Workshops allow conference participants that share a common interest to deepen their knowledge and meet in an interactive hands-on learning and discussion environment. They provide great opportunities for community-building at CHI PLAY. Workshops should focus on a theme in one of CHI PLAY’s core areas mentioned above. We especially welcome workshops that bridge the gap between practitioner and researcher knowledge or between communities. Workshops should provide novel perspectives and generate ideas about player-computer interaction. If you are passionate about this field, please consider organizing a workshop. Workshops can independently from the conference result in special issues of journals, wikis, websites, or books.


Submission Requirements

We are soliciting workshop proposals from organizers. Workshops will run on Sunday 16th October, and can be either in full-day or half-day format. The workshop proposal should include the following details:

– An abstract, in SIGCHI Extended Abstracts Format ( and no longer than four pages (excluding references), that briefly covers the topic of the workshop, its novelty, and its expected impact. The abstract should include an overview of the planned activities and schedule. Submissions should not be anonymized. Camera-ready versions of accepted abstracts will be archived in the ACM Digital Library.

– A cover sheet including:

– Workshop Title

– Names and contact information of organizers, along with a brief bio or link to institutional profile outlining their experience

– Whether the workshop is full or half day

– Anticipated number of participants

– A draft call for papers, which will resemble the one that will be widely published to advertise the workshop



Workshop proposals will be reviewed by an expert panel. If a workshop is accepted, workshop organizers are expected to create a workshop website and distribute their call for papers to publicize the workshop and solicit potential participants to submit position papers.

Packages should be submitted to the CHI PLAY submission site, at


After Acceptance

Once a workshop is accepted to the conference, interested participants should submit a position paper to the organizers of the workshop. Position papers are statements of interest and/or expertise in the workshop topic, in any format or media as defined by the workshop organizers. The workshop organizers will review position papers using their own criteria, and will decide on the final list of participants. However, workshops should not just be about paper presentation sessions. They should include a lively discussion, and focus on building a community based on communal knowledge creation. They should also not be classes that will be taught by the organizers; these should be submitted to the Courses track.

Workshop papers will not be published by CHIPLAY as part of the conference’s proceedings. However, the organizers may wish to publish their own proceedings, organize a special issue in a journal, or publish an edited book that will include workshop papers.


Committee members:

Please direct any questions to the Courses/Workshop Chairs:

Guenter Wallner, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria

Kathrin Gerling, Lincoln University, UK