September 15, 2017
Early-bird discount ends

October 15, 2017
Conference opens


The following workshops are scheduled for CHI Play 2017. Please refer to the specific webpages for further information and instructions for participating, as well as the general program page.

  1. Arguing on the Holodeck. Designing Immersive Interactive Entertainment with Persuasive Intent -
  2. Augmented Tabletop Games Research Workshop -
  3. Positive Gaming - Workshop on Gamification and Games for Wellbeing -
  4. Games for the Assessment and Treatment of Mental Health -
  5. Exploiting Players? Critical Reflections on Participation in Game Development -

Workshop proposals, but not participants’ submissions, are archived in the companion proceedings in the ACM Digital Library. Approved workshops will take place at the conference, with attendees (and, possibly, specific submissions to the workshop - e.g. position papers) solicited and selected by the organizers.

Important dates
March 3, 2017: Workshop proposals submission (by prospective workshop organizers)
March 24, 2017: Workshop proposals notification (to prospective workshop organizers)
March 31, 2017: Workshop proposals notification (to prospective workshop organizers)
May 1, 2017: Camera-ready workshop proposals due (from accepted workshop organizers)
August 21, 2017: Application deadline for prospective workshop attendees

Workshops provide an informal setting for presenting, discussing and demonstrating new developments on a specific theme or domain of the above-mentioned CHI PLAY core areas, focusing on novel perspectives and ideas.
Workshops are open to all conference participants, regardless of whether they are authors or not. The workshop format is up to the organizers, and may consist of discussions, paper presentations, brainstorms, work sessions, etc.

Workshops provide great opportunities for community-building at CHI PLAY. In prior conferences, some workshops have resulted e.g. in special journal issues, books, and research projects. Others created communities and evolved into their own conferences. We especially welcome workshop proposals that bridge the gap between practitioner and researcher knowledge.

Concise workshop proposals (max. 3 pages in SIGCHI Extended Abstract format) should include: an extended abstract, the objectives and expected outcome of the workshop, the planned activities, the background of the organizer(s), the anticipated number of participants, and the means for soliciting and selecting participants.

The page limit excludes references. Workshop submissions should not be anonymised.