Posters: Purposeful Games

 Monday, 16 October 2017

at Pakhuis de Zwijger

Purposeful Games
poster session

Cognitive Rehabilitation Potential of a Driving Simulation Game for BrainInjury: A Pilot Study Cynthia Putnam, Dorian Anderson, Wayne Hosley Jr., Jinghui Cheng, Lisa Goldman
Towards Teaching Maternal Healthcare and Nutrition in Rural Ethiopia through a Serious Game Jose M Font, Alexander Hedvall, Emil Svensson
Assessing Implicit Computational Thinking in Zoombinis Gameplay: Pizza Pass, Fleens & Bubblewonder Abyss Elizabeth Rowe, Jodi Asbell-Clarke, Kathryn Cunningham, Santiago Gasca
Children's Evaluations of a System Supporting Observation of Anatomies and Behaviors of Animals in Zoos Yui Tanaka, Ryohei Egusa, Yuuki Dobashi, Fusako Kusunoki, Etsuji Yamaguchi, Shigenori Inagaki, Tomoyuki Nogami
Implementation and Evaluation of Accessible Caption System in Universal Puppetry: A Case Study on Hearing Impaired Children at the Elementary School of Deaf Ryohei Egusa, Shuya Kawaguchi, Tsugunosuke Sakai, Fusako kusunoki, Hiroshi Mizoguchi, miki namatame, Shigenori Inagaki
Developing and Testing ScrollQuest: A Video Game Targeting Rejection Sensitivity in Adolescents Anouk Tuijnman, Isabela Granic, Josh Whitkin, Rutger C.M.E. Engels
The Design of a Virtual Reality Game for Stroke-Induced Attention Deficits Hanne Isabel Huygelier, Céline R Gillebert, Raymond van Ee, Vero Vanden Abeele
No Game, No Pain?: Towards a Mobile Exergame for Rehabilitation Daniel Steffen, Corinna Christmann, Wolfgang Teufl, Gabriele Bleser
Games, Health and the City: Developing Location-Aware Games for Leveraging the Most Suitable Places for Physical Activity Ignacio Miralles, Carlos Granell, Luis E. Rodríguez-Pupo, Sven Casteleyn, Joaquín Huerta
Researching Adaptivity for Individual Differences in Numeracy Games Martyn Mees, Tim Jay, Jacob Habgood, Paul Howard-Jones
Acceptance of a Neuropaediatric Exergame Rehabilitation System with Severe Cerebral Palsy William J Farr, Marilyn Poole, Clive Thursfield, Ian Male
Improving Relationships between Parents and Children in Shopping Malls by Using a Digital Treasure Hunting Game Naomi Iga, Asuka Wakao, Kohei Matsumura, Roberto Lopez-Gulliver, Haruo Noma
Can Card Games Be Used to Assess Mild Cognitive Impairment?: A Study of Klondike Solitaire and Cognitive Functions Karsten Gielis, Filipa Brito, Jos Tournoy, Vero Vanden Abeele
Roller Coaster Park Manager by Day Problem Solver by Night: Effect of Video Game Play on Problem Solving Kaitlyn M Roose, Elizabeth S Veinott
"Dinner is ready!": Virtual Reality Assisted Training for Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Monique Tabak, Miriam Cabrita, Thomas Schüler, David Hörst, René Heuven, Benjamin Kinast, Annika Thomas
CodeFruits: Teaching Computational Thinking Skills Through Hand Gestures Sidhant Goyal, Simran Chopra, Dileep Mohanan
KeynVision: Exploring Piano Pedagogy in Mixed Reality Amare Birhanu, Stefan Rank
Gamification of Government Digital Transactions (Doctoral Consortium poster) Nicholas O'Donnell
Conceptualization of Purposeful Games (Doctoral Consortium poster) Sandeep Athavale
Empathy Development in Young Children Using Interactive VR Games (Doctoral Consortium poster) Ekaterina Muravevskaia
Studying the Effectiveness of Game-Based Solutions in a Wellbeing App (Doctoral Consortium poster) Vanessa Cheng

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