Student Game Design Competition

Monday, 16 October 2017

pecha kucha at Pakhuis de Zwijger

at MediaMatic

CatEscape: An Asymmetrical Multiplatform Game Connecting Virtual, Augmented and Physical World Jiabao Li, Honghao Deng, Panagiotis Michalatos
ZenSketch: A Sketch-based Game For Improving Line Work Blake Williford, Matthew Runyon, Adil Hamid Malla, Wayne Li, Julie Linsey, Tracy Hammond
Through Pink and Blue Glasses: Designing a Dispositional Empathy Game Using Gender Stereotypes and Virtual Reality Daphne A. Muller, Caro R. van Kessel, Sam Janssen
The Pantheon of Dream: Playing with emergent and embedded narratives to increase player immersion Amber G. O'Brien
The Maze: Enabling Collaborative Planning in Games Through Annotation Interfaces Sultan A. Alharthi, Ruth Torres, Ahmed Khalaf, Phoebe O. Toups Dugas
What Lurks in the Dark: An Audience Participation Horror Game Justin Fanzo, Rachel Gu, Jinchao Han, Ketul Majmudar, Tony Deng, Flora Cheng, Chaoya Li, Jessica Hammer
Guts Game: A Game using Ingestible Sensors Felix Brandmueller, Zhuying Li
Angle Jungle: An Educational Game about Angles Jibran Khan, Jun Wang, Xueyang Wang, Yonglin Zhang, Jessica Hammer, Scott Stevens, Ricardo Washington
WEARPG: Movement-Based Tabletop Role-Playing Game with Arm-Worn Devices and an Augmented Die Oğuz Turan Buruk, Ismet Melih Özbeyli, Oğuzhan Özcan
Project Hindsight: Seamless Interactive Film For Virtual Reality Jacob Rosenbloom, Abhinav Sinha, KyungKuk Kim, Sunil Nayak, Fu Yen Hsiao, Justin Campbell, Ralph Vituccio, Heather Kelley

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