September 15, 2017
Early-bird discount ends

October 15, 2017
Conference opens


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is Europe's fifth largest, and the world's twenty second busiest by total passenger traffic in 2015. It allows for direct connection to the great majority of European countries, plus direct intercontinental flights to North America, South America and Asia.
Also Eindhoven Airport, about 1,5 hours from Amsterdam, and Rotterdam - The Hague Airport, about 1 hour by train, offer some low-cost alternatives to Schiphol.

Schiphol airport is connected to Amsterdam Central Station via railway, bus, and taxi.

The Netherlands have an extensive railways network, providing fast international connection to Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Zürich.

Within Amsterdam, the tram 26 connects the Central Railway Station with the conference venue (Kattenburgerstraat, just 2 stops away) and with the Lloyd Hotel (Rietlandpark, 3 stops). Local public transport is managed by GVB. It's possible to buy single tickets, but a multi-day pass (OV-chipkaart) may be convenient if you plan to use public transport often. Or you might do as the locals, and rent a bicycle.