Interactivity & Play Exhibition

The Interactivity track is an opportunity for researchers, designers and artists within the wider CHI Play community to showcase their work in a hands-on setting that gives conference attendees the opportunity to explore and discuss their systems. We are looking for submissions that push the boundaries of playful human-computer interaction through technical advancement, innovative interaction concepts, or stimulate artistic and critical reflection through design. Each submission to this track consists of a live artefact to be demonstrated at the conference along with an extended abstract submission that describes the system.

Quick Facts

All times are 23:59 Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone (UTC -10:00).

Important Dates

  • July 13, 2018: Interactivity submission deadline
  • August 17, 2018: Notification of acceptance
  • August 31, 2018: Final camera-ready abstracts due

Submission Details

  • Submission includes:
  • Submissions are not anonymous and should include all author names, affiliations, and contact information
  • Submissions must be made using the Precision Conference System [link to be announced]


Examples of previous systems presented in this track include the exhibition “Dutch Courage” at CHI PLAY 2017, and a number of demos at previous conferences in the Come Out and CHI Play track, such as the immersive coffin experience Taphobos.

This year, the Interactivity track at CHI PLAY invites submissions in two main categories, research and design. Submissions to the research category are expected to make a contribution to our understanding of how humans interact with playful technologies, which needs to be evidenced by thoroughly situating results in previous research in our field when preparing the extended abstract. Submissions to the design category are expected to provide an experience that engages conference attendees and stimulates conversation; in their abstract submission we expect authors to describe and reflect on the expected experience.

Selection Process

Lila Bozgeyikli and Kathrin Gerling,

Preparing and Submitting

Submissions are due on June 30th, 2018. In their submission, we ask that authors outline their system in accordance with their submission category (research / design, see CfP), and provide a supplement that discusses the general requirements of their Interactivity along with a brief description on how the system will be presented at the conference. Furthermore, authors are expected to provide a short video of their system.

Each submission requires the following components, in total not exceeding 100 MB:

  • Extended Abstract. A maximum of 6 pages in SIGCHI Extended Abstracts format including references. Submissions to the research category need to discuss related research in detail; submissions to the design category are expected to provide a description and reflection on the expected experience. Please do not anonymize your abstract.
  • Technical supplement. A PDF document (1-2 pages, 12 pt font) that details the technical requirements of the Interactivity and information on how it will be presented at the conference. Where necessary, please supply figures to clarify requirements.
  • Video. A 60 second video demonstrating your system, and showcases how users interact with it. We recommend that you encode your video as an MP4 using the H.264 codec. The video will be used for reviewing purposes only.

Please note that we will ask you to indicate your submission category (research / design) when uploading your information to PCS, and that each submission will be reviewed against the requirements for the specific category.

Review Process

Authors of accepted Interactivities will be expected to attend the conference and showcase their system.

After the Conference

Submissions to the Interactivity track will be published in the Extended Abstracts proceedings of the main conference, and will be available via the ACM Digital Library.