Setup Info for Authors

Posters + Spotlight + Interactivity

If you are exhibiting your work, you will have a poster board, a table, and a power socket. Here is a photo of what the poster boards look like. You will need to bring sticky tape or alike if you want to attach a poster. You will also have a table 1.8m x 0.9m covered with black draping. You will also have 1 power socket, remember this is an Australian socket, so bring any adapters as well as any power-boards if you need more than one.

Image showing poster size

Floor-pan layout: tba


If you are giving a presentation, please be aware that we are using an LED screen, not projectors. So please use the following:

  • Screen resolution: Full HD 1920×1080. So you can set the laptop to be 1920×1080. 16:9 ratio
  • HDMI input (so no VGA or Display Port, so please bring adapters), and this HDMI is video only, no audio. If you want audio, there is a 3.5mm audio jack for that.
  • Use large font sizes, as small ones are not very legible on the screen (slides should not have small font sizes anyhow).
  • If you want to test your laptop, we are open from 8am (Wed: 8.30am) for you to try out your laptop.
  • Presentation times will be as follows:
    • Full papers 10 minutes with 4 minutes for questions
    • Spotlights 5 minutes
    • For student game competition and interactivity pitches: you will have 1 minute for your pitch