Posters + Spotlight + Interactivity

If you are exhibiting your work, you will have a poster board, a table, and a power socket. Here is a photo of what the poster boards look like. You will need to bring sticky tape or alike if you want to attach a poster. You will also have a table 1.8m x 0.9m covered with black draping. You will also have 1 power socket, remember this is an Australian socket, so bring any adapters as well as any power-boards if you need more than one.

Image showing poster size


If you are giving a presentation, please be aware that we are using an LED screen, not projectors. So please use the following:

  • Screen resolution: Full HD 1920×1080. So you can set the laptop to be 1920×1080. 16:9 ratio
  • HDMI input (so no VGA or Display Port, so please bring adapters), and this HDMI is video only, no audio. If you want audio, there is a 3.5mm audio jack for that.
  • Use large font sizes, as small ones are not very legible on the screen (slides should not have small font sizes anyhow).
  • If you want to test your laptop, we are open from 8am (Wed: 8.30am) for you to try out your laptop.
  • Presentation times will be as follows:
    • Full papers 10 minutes with 4 minutes for questions
    • Spotlights 5 minutes
    • For student game competition and interactivity pitches: you will have 1 minute for your pitch

Interactivity Pitch Session and the Floorplan for the Interactivity System Setup

The Pitch Session on Monday, October 29 will start at 5:30pm sharp. All Interactivity authors should assemble at the lower stage at 5:10pm (20 minutes before the pitches start). Your single slides will be projected on the big screen from a central computer, and each author will have a strict one-minute duration for pitching their work.

The pitch ordering and the floor plan for the Interactivity table placements to help you find out where to set up your systems can be found in this spreadsheet

DC Poster Table Allocation

Paper Number DC participant Paper title Poster table allocation
1012 Pusey, Megan The Effect of Puzzle … P1
1013 Taylor, Simeon Designing Virtual … P2
1014 Maloney, Divine Mitigating Negative … P3
1015 Li, Zhuying Understanding the Design … P4
1017 Oberprieler, Kerstin The design of meaningful … P5
1019 Kleinen, Johanna Using Games and Play to … P6
1020 Tian, Yulin The Transmutation of … P7
1021 Scheepmaker, Laura Exploring opportunities … P8
1025 Lima, Tiago A Game-based Platform to … P9
1026 Crowell, Ciera Interaction Design of … P10
1027 Pyae, Aung Investigating the … P11
1028 Andries, Valentina Play Technology with … P12
1029 Pimentel, Daniel States of Mind, Body, and … P13
1032 Marquez, Jonathan Designing Card Games for … P14
1033 Torres Castillo, Ruth Computer Games As … P15