Student Travel Grants

SIGCHI provides two opportunities for students to receive funding to attend SIGCHI conferences. Please follow the links for more details on each type of support.

  • The Gary Marsden Student Development Fund is a special fund to provide assistance for students from the developing world to attend events including, HCI related conferences.
  • The SIGCHI Student Travel Grant is a program that provides assistance for students with accepted contributions to attend SIGCHI (co)sponsored conferences.

Please note:

These are only two types of Student Support SIGCHI offers. Our funding page describes all the different types of Conference Support, Community Support and Student Support SIGCHI can offer to members, conferences and student members.

Student Volunteers

CHI Play needs your help!

We are looking for student volunteers to help us make the conference a great experience for everyone!

CHI Play is both fun and a great opportunity to meet your fellow academics, and the Student Volunteers are on the front lines. As a student volunteer you will be pivotal in keeping everything running smoothly throughout the conference, and we are encouraging friendly, enthusiastic, and dedicated volunteers to help us out.


Become a Student Volunteer


In order to become a student volunteer, you must have had student status for at least one semester during the academic year 2018. We are more than happy to accept undergrad, graduate, and PhD students.

Applications will remain open until Friday August 17th. At which point we will close the lottery and 15 students will be chosen as SVs. All other students who registered will be assigned a position on the waiting list.


What will I do when I volunteer?


An academic conference can be great fun, but is all made possible by those behind the scenes who make sure everything runs smoothly. So if you apply and are selected to be a Student Volunteer you will be agreeing to:

  • Work at least 15 hours
  • Show up on time to tasks
  • Attend an orientation session
  • Arrive at the conference by Saturday afternoon at the latest

In return we commit to waive your registration fee. Finally, we will throw a party for you and your SV teammates.


Got questions?


If you have any questions about becoming a student volunteer for CHI PLAY, please contact our Student Volunteer Chairs.


Would like to apply?


If you intend to apply as volunteer then please mail the following information to Student Volunteer Chairs . Many thanks.

  • Name
  • Accepted for paper or poster?
  • Have you worked as a CHI Play volunteer before?
  • Which languages do you speak?
  • Any additional skills you have (e.g. can drive a car)?