Interactivity works

  1. Facilitating Physical Contact in Collocated Virtual Reality and Real-World Player Games through Wearable Touchable Interfaces
    Oscar Ardaiz, Ruben Baztan, Unai Dominguez, Asier Marzo
  2. The Humming Box: AI-powered Tangible Music Toy for Children
    Chunhan Chen, Yihan Tang, Tianyi Xie, Stefania Druga
  3. Legoons: Inflatable Construction Kit for Children
    Xuefei Yang, Stefania Druga
  4. The Enemy Within: Designing a Cell-Based Gameplay System for Cancer Education
    Robin J.S. Sloan, Adrian Saurin
  5. Ballbit Adventure: A Physical Game for a Collaborative Racing
    Quincy Kuang, Jiaxin Zhang, Stefania Druga
  6. Hover Loop: A New Approach to Locomotion in Virtual Reality
    Philipp Schuhbauer, Laurin Muth, Julia Grötsch, Johannes Wiesneth, Johannes Dengler, Martin Kocur, Michael Lankes
  7. DanSync: Playful Track Selection through Synchronized Movements
    Renze Marree, Luuc Verburgh, Max V. Birk
  8. Drag ‘n’ Hear: Creating, Playing, and Understanding Audio Games Online
    Michael Urbanek, Michael Habiger, Florian Güldenpfennig
  9. the Quest: An Escape Room Inspired Interactive Museum Exhibition
    Jon Back, Svante Back, Emma Bexell, Stefan Stanisic, Daniel Rosqvist
  10. Sailing Skweezee: An Exploration of Squeeze Interaction in VR
    Bert Vandenberghe, Jef Meijvis, Thomas Sodermans, Kathrin Gerling, Vero Vanden Abeele, Luc Geurts
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