Katja Hofman

Katja Hofman, Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge

Dr Katja Hofmann is a Senior Researcher, and leads a research team that focuses on Gaming and AI at Microsoft Research Cambridge. Her team focuses on reinforcement learning with applications in video games, as she believes that games will drive a transformation of how people interact with AI technology. She is the research lead of Project Malmo, which uses the popular game Minecraft as an experimentation platform for developing intelligent technology – most recently as the platform for the MineRL NeurIPS competition on sample efficient reinforcement learning with human priors. Her long-term goal is to develop AI systems that learn to collaborate with people, to empower their users and help solve complex real-world problems.

Adrián Cuevas, Co Founder and Technical Director at Nomada Studio

Adrián Cuevas started working as a programmer for a bio-mechanical company in Barcelona. After a few years he decided to try a new path in the video game industry. His career brought him to companies such as Relentless Software in Brighton, Ubisoft Montreal, Square Enix Copenhagen and Ubisoft Barcelona. During this period he worked in games like FarCry 3, Buzz! The ultimate Music Quiz, Hitman (2016) and Rainbow Six: Siege among others. After many years working in AAA games he decided to partner with Conrad Roset and Roger Mendoza to start new adventure in the indie industry. That is when they started Nomada Studio, where they developed GRIS, a very artistic 2D platformer.

Adrián Cuevas
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