24 October — Auditorium Hall

  1. Uncovering Seams in Distributed Play of Tabletop Role-Playing Games
    Andrew M. Webb, Pablo Cesar
  2. A Classification of Fantasy in Serious Games
    Tengjia Zuo, Loe Feijs, Erik van der Spek, Jun Hu
  3. Persuasive Mobile Game Mechanics For User Retention
    Lukas Legner, Chloe Eghtebas, Gudrun Klinker
  4. Procedural Generation of Video Game Cities for Specific Video Game Genres Using WaveFunctionCollapse (WFC)
    Werner Gaisbauer, William L Raffe, Jaime Andres Garcia, Helmut Hlavacs
  5. Player Interaction with Procedurally Generated Game Play from Crowd-Sourced data
    Sylvester Arnab, Mark R. Lewis, Alessandro Bogliolo, Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein, Saverio Delpriori, Samantha Clarke
  6. Take Back Control: Player Influence on Procedural Level Generation
    Julian Frommel, Dietmar Puschmann, Katja Rogers, Michael Weber
  7. Toward a Taxonomy of Inventory Systems for Virtual Reality Games
    Sebastian Cmentowski, Andrey Krekhov, Ann-Marie Müller, Jens Krueger
  8. Navigation By Walking In Hyperbolic Space Using Virtual Reality
    Vincent Adelizzi Pisani, Ocean Hurd, Nico Hawthorne, Sri Kurniawan
  9. Towards A Taxonomy of Social VR Application Design
    Marcel Jonas, Steven Said Jr., Daniel Yu, Chris Aiello, Nicholas Furlo, Douglas Zytko
  10. ASHIATO: Advanced System to enable Human to play Interactively with Animated Tokens
    Tomoharu Morita, Yuta Taki, Sarii Iwatate, Fusako Kusunoki, Shigenori Inagaki, Hiroshi Mizoguchi, Tomoyuki Nogami
  11. Kinetics: A Mathematical Model of On-Screen Gamepad Controllable by Finger-Tilting
    Shuichi Kurabayashi
  12. Lost & Found: Gaze-based Player Guidance Feedback in Exploration Games
    Michael Lankes, Andreas Haslinger
  13. Adapting Gameplay to Eye Movements – An Exploration with TETRIS
    Katta Spiel, Sven Bertel, Fares Kayali
  14. eGenjiko: Scent Matching Game using a Computer-Controlled Censer
    Anna Yokokubo, Miku Ohno, Yasushi Matoba, Mudmee Chaichirawiwat, Guillaume Lopez, Itiro Siio
  15. Mapping controls on a 2D user drawn racetracks driving game – an Usability Assessment
    Fernando Rocha, Pedro Machado Santa, Jorge C. S. Cardoso, Luis Lucas Pereira, Licinio Roque
  16. Towards Automatic Flow Experience Identification in Educational Systems: A Theory-driven Approach
    Wilk Oliveira, Armando Maciel Toda, Paula Toledo Palomino, Luiz Rodrigues, Lei Shi, Seiji Isotani

Rapid Communication posters

  1. Gamifying UX Research at Scale
    Juan Pablo Carrascal, Kelly Krout, Jacob Freiberg, Irina Smoke
  2. “This Is Nice but That Is Childish”: Teenagers Evaluate Museum-Based Digital Experiences Developed by Cultural Heritage Professionals
    Vanessa Cesário, António Coelho, Valentina Nisi
  3. Measuring Player Experience and Engagement Level in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
    Ujjwal Dubey
  4. Software Engineering Practices and Methods in the Game Development Industry
    Timothy Andrew McKenzie, Miguel Morales Trujillo, Simon Hoermann
  5. Blending Science and Practice: A Collaborative Approach for Evaluating the Value of Heart Rate Measurement
    Philipp Sykownik, Katharina Emmerich, Jochen Peketz, Maic Masuch
  6. Oldie is Goodie: Effective User Retention by In-game Promotion Event Analysis
    Kyoung Ho Kim, Huy Kang Kim
  7. Comparing Player Experience in Video Games Played in Virtual Reality or on Desktop Displays: Immersion, Flow, and Positive Emotions
    Federica Pallavicini, Alessandro Pepe)
  8. Make Gamification Punk
    Mattia Thibault