Work-in-progress and Rapid communications

If you are exhibiting your work as a poster in one of these tracks, you will use a poster board in the long hall (in front of the Auditorium, next to the registration desk). Here is a photo of what the poster boards look like:

It is made of metal and its size is 1m x 2m (portrait format). You will need to bring sticky tape or alike if you want to attach the poster. Both sides will be used, each by a different author. Authors should be available next to their posters during the poster sessions.

Please note that there are no tables or chairs available in the Auditorium Hall.

Authors should ready their posters at the beginning of the day and clean the poster boards before 17:00 (especially on Tuesday, since the poster boards will be needed for the Interactivity exhibition).

SGDC and Interactivity

Interactivity exhibitors will have a table and a chair (except those cases when more were asked for in advance), and a European power outlet. Interactivity presenters will also have a poster board, like the ones for Word-in-Progress sessions. Interactivity exhibitors who previously asked for a large monitor will also have one available (HDMI connector only). Please be aware that you should bring any required power converters. Any other additional equipment must be provided by the presenters.

SGDC and Interactivity pitches

The pitch session for these tracks will be held on Wednesday 23rd at 17:00. All authors should have their slides ready and copied in the PC during the previous break in order to minimize overhead when changing speakers. Before the pitch session starts, all should assemble/queue on the left side of the auditorium, present when it is their turn, and then leave using the central corridor. Each author has a strict ONE minute to present.

The exhibition layout will be published soon.


The auditorium already has a desktop PC connected to the projector, so no laptop is necessary. Presenters can also use their own laptops. Rooms are equipped with HD projectors (1920×1080) and different connectors are available in the rooms. Apple users should, however, bring along their own connectors. Sound can be played as well. Any presentation should be copied beforehand onto the desktop PC or checked during the previous break.

Presentation times will be as follows:

  • Full papers: 10 minutes with 4 minutes for questions.
  • Rapid Communications: 5 minutes.
  • Student game competition and interactivity pitches: you will have 1 minute for your pitch.

Exhibition layout

Room 1005: VR running
1011: Humming box
1014: Legoons
1015: Enemy within
1016: Ballbit
1017: Hover loop
1018: DanSync
1019: Drag n hear
1023: The Quest
1025: Skweezee

Student Game Design Competition tables are between rooms 1023 and 1017. There are 10 tables, 183 centimeters wide, 75 centimeters deep,