CHI PLAY 2020 Full Paper Acceptance Rate and Final Scores

CHI PLAY 2020 received 163 complete submissions to the Full Papers track (see our previous blog post for a breakdown of scores before rebuttals). Out of these, 48 papers were selected for inclusion in the conference program, leading to an acceptance rate of 29.45%.

Figure 1. Score distributions (arithmetic mean) for papers that underwent full review after rebuttals and PC meeting.

With respect to score distributions of papers after rebuttals. While the average score shifted only slightly, Figure 1 shows that rebuttals resulted in a large number of high-scoring papers, leading to intensive discussions at the PC Meeting. In the end, most accepted papers fell in the score bracket of 3.7 or higher. The highest-scoring paper to be rejected had a score of 3.62, the lowest-scoring paper to be accepted received an average score of 3.25. For four papers, it was decided that a shepherding process would be most suitable in which the AC works closely with the authors to ensure relevant changes are made to the camera-ready version of the paper.

Generally, this means that the selection process for CHI PLAY 2020 was highly competitive, and we look forward to an interesting and inspiring conference.

Congratulations to all authors of accepted submissions. Regardless of the outcome, we would like to thank all authors for considering CHI PLAY as publication venue, and we hope that reviewer feedback will be useful for the preparation of revised and improved papers. We would like to express our gratitude to all ACs and reviewers who contributed their time to provide constructive feedback and ensure a high-quality conference program.

Kathrin Gerling & Günter Wallner
CHI PLAY 2020 Papers Chairs

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