CHI PLAY 2020 Full Paper Reviews and Rebuttals

CHI PLAY 2020 received 163 complete submissions to the Full Papers track. Of these, 1 was withdrawn and 2 papers were desk-rejected because they did not align with submission criteria on plagiarism or anonymization. Additionally, 3 submissions were quick rejected through an expedited reviewing process as they failed to meet basic standards. These papers still received reviews from the ACs.
The remaining 157 submissions were entered into the full reviewing process. They received a total of 631 reviews: 154 submissions received 4 reviews, 3 submissions received 5 reviews. Papers received scores from all individual reviewers as well as the 1AC, which are aggregated into an ‘overall score’ (highest possible score 5, lowest 1).
The average score for CHI PLAY 2020 papers that underwent full review is 2,80 (SD=0,83). Assuming an acceptance rate at or below 30% and that score is the only criterion to make acceptance/rejection decisions, this would mean that CHI PLAY 2020 has room for up to 47 papers. At this point, papers up to a score of 3,38 would stand a good chance of being accepted to the conference.
Out of the 157 submissions, 15 currently have a mean score of 4,0 or greater (9,56%); see Figure 1 for an overview of the score distribution.

Score distributions (arithmetic mean) for papers that underwent full review
Figure 1. Score distributions (arithmetic mean) for papers that underwent full review

We hope that this information will be helpful for authors who are deciding whether to submit a rebuttal. This of course primarily depends on the information that you received from the 1AC, and whether you have identified elements within reviews that you would like to respond to. Based on scores, we would encourage all authors with mean scores at or beyond 2,5 to submit a rebuttal.
There are many useful resources for writing rebuttals, some of which we already included in our initial communication to authors and have listed below:

Thank you for considering CHI PLAY 2020 as publication venue, and we look forward to engaging with your rebuttals and meeting you (virtually) at CHI PLAY 2020.

Kathrin Gerling & Guenter Wallner
CHI PLAY 2020 Papers Chairs

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