CHI PLAY 2020 will be Virtual!

CHI PLAY 2020 will be a virtual conference. After carefully discussing the implications among the organizational team and with the CHI PLAY Steering Committee, we came to the conclusion that going virtual early is the most responsible decision for our community. 

It’s no secret that the research community is undergoing major changes to make sure that people can stay safe while continuing to connect, work together, and share their research with the world. Together, we can make sure that our community of researchers, students, and industry professionals continues to grow and thrive.

What’s going to happen:

The conference. CHI PLAY 2020 will still be happening in November. The organizational team, and the track-chairs, are working hand-in-hand to preserve the format and transition each track to a representative online format.

Publications. The conference proceedings will be published by ACM as usual. This year has the second-highest number of submitted Full papers of the conference’s 6-year history! You can check out the publication timeline on our website, and remember that there’s still time to submit in other tracks!

Presentations. Authors will still be able to present their work remotely. You can still look forward to the great sessions and discussion you’d expect at CHI PLAY. We’ll have more details to follow as we finalize elements of the virtual conference, so stay tuned.

Why we’re doing this:

Safety. We are a world-wide community, the effects of COVID-19 are unequally distributed. In consideration of recommendations made by public health officials, we believe that November is simply too soon to have such a large-scale in-person event. Hence, the best we can do to create an experience that further fosters and extends community and allows our work to shine is to plan early. 

Time to plan. Making this decision early provides us with the necessary time to plan the best possible virtual experience, and allow organizers, authors and attendees sufficient time to prepare and avoid abrupt cancellation with a loss of time and money. 

How you can join us:

Register to attend. Time zones, infrastructure, and personal circumstances will be some of the challenges that we have in mind and plan to address. The time we bought with an early decision will help us to address these issues. Further, we are aiming for a reduced registration fee to decrease financial barriers for our attendees. We’re working on the details of registration together with ACM SIGCHI, and we’ll have details available on the CHI PLAY website as soon as possible.

Submit your work. There is still time to submit your work. The deadline for submissions to the Work in progress, Interactivity, Student Game Design Competition, Rapid Communications, Doctoral Consortium tracks is on July 15th.

Contact us with questions, feedback, or suggestions for CHI PLAY 2020 at Your comments are welcome!

Let’s do this!

CHI PLAY spent the past six years showcasing work on how interactive and playful experiences improve our lives and pave the way for technical innovation. In the CHI PLAY 2020 Virtual Edition, we will play together, connect people, meet old and new friends, engage in serious discussions and share entertaining moments, from everywhere. We look forward to finding new approaches to connect and learn from each other even when face-to-face gatherings are not possible.

Thanks for continuing to support CHI PLAY and our research community as a whole. We’ll see you – virtually – at CHI PLAY 2020 in November!

The CHI PLAY 2020 General Chairs

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