What is CHI PLAY (and where is it going?)

Monday, November 2, 2020

In the ‘What is CHI PLAY? (and where is it going?)’ Panel, panelists will communicate a range of high-level views of what research at CHI PLAY is and what it represents in order to help new community members, graduate students and even our well-seasoned CHI PLAY “veterans”. This panel will present a diverse set of views about the goals and focus of our community’s research, and how this might continue to evolve over the coming years.


Conor Linehan

University College Cork

Lennart Nacke

University of Waterloo

Tess Tanenbaum

UC Irvine

Jo Iacovides

Univeristy of York


  • Elisa Mekler, Aalto Univeristy
  • Scott Bateman, University of New Brunswick

How to Run a Games Lab

Monday, November 2, 2020

In the ‘How to Run a Games Lab’ panel session, we will here experience reports and best practices from those who are currently in a leadership role in their own labs. These researchers create leading research while creating a supportive and creative environment for their lab members. Learn their secrets!


Rilla Khaled

Concordia University

Daniel Johnson

Queensland University of Technology

Katherine Isbister

UC Santa Cruz

Rohit Ashok Khot

RMIT University


  • Scott Bateman, University of New Brunswick

Is trying our best good enough? Representation in games research and development.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

What does representation mean in games research and game development? In this special panel, 4 panelists—each an expert in their situated field—will discuss what representation means to them, how they approach it within their work, and how they think it matters (or doesn’t!). Panelists will reflect on their practices in equitable research and development over time, discuss techniques and frameworks they have found helpful, and outline a series of fluid challenges and barriers to equitable, justice-driven work.


Marie Jarrell

Clemson University

Outi Laiti

University of Lapland

Mia Consalvo

Concordia University

Sabine Harrer

Uppsala University


  • Cale Passmore, University of Saskatchewan
  • Cayley MacArthur, University of Waterloo

Moving from Academia to Industry (and back?)

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

How is Games UX and UR work different from academic life? The Moving from Academia to Industry will address panelists motivations for and experiences in moving from academia and to the games industry.


Alessandro Canossa

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Nikki Crenshaw


Inger Ekman

Electronic Arts

Ian Livingston



  • Elisa Mekler, Aalto University
  • Scott Bateman, Univeristy of New Brunswick

Trends and Grand Challenges for CHI PLAY

Wednesday, November, 4, 2020

Panelists will communicate their views on the most important trends that are currently materializing in Games and Play research, as well as explore their visions of the inspirational challenges that they believe can form the basis for CHI PLAY research in the future.


Regan Mandryk

University of Saskatcehwan

Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller

Monash University

Chek Tien Tan

Singapore Institute of Technology

Phoebe Toups Dugas

Phoebe O. Toups Dugas

New Mexico State University


  • Scott Bateman, University of New Brunswick
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