Virtual Conference

We are excited to welcome you to a fully virtual CHI PLAY conference.
In this page you find the details and links to access the zoom webinars of the CHI PLAY 2020 conference, as well as access to the Whova platform. We are using Whova as a conferencing tool, and its exhibition center for showcasing submissions of extended abstract content (Work-in-Progress, Rapid Communications, Student Game Design Competition, Interactivity and Doctoral Consortium).

You can access the Whova platform through this link. Here you find the agenda of the conference, as well as the exhibitor spaces and links to the different Zoom webinars, both future and recorded webinars in case you were not able to attend one live.

The guidelines on how to attend the Zoom webinars are listed here:

  • You can join the Zoom webinar through your desktop Zoom application or through Whova
  • We recommend using a separate browser tab for browsing Whova (agenda, exhibition, etc.) while attending the streams
  • Please use your full name (and preferred pronouns) as stated in the code of conduct
  • For Q&A sessions, please use the Q&A integrated in Zoom, which is the main Q&A that will be monitored

As we care greatly about how to make this an inclusive event for all, please also take some time to inspect the code of conduct.

Finally, be sure to make use of the twitter handle #CHIPLAY2020

We wish you a splendid invigorating time

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