Shaping the Hybrid Conference Experience

With the move towards hybrid conferences, we face new challenges in engaging both on-site and remote participants. The advantage of the hybrid format is that it allows us to include participants who may be unable to travel to the conference site or would prefer to attend remotely. But how do we support online engagement and help facilitate a connection between on-site and remote attendees? To step up to this challenge, we created the new role of Engagement chair, who will be dedicated to this task. The Engagement chair will create opportunities for you to (re-)connect with your community and interact online. As this is all new for CHI PLAY, we are still learning. And as this is about your conference experience, we would love for you to contribute your ideas! Do you have thoughts about what activities you would like to participate in online or on-site with remote participants? Did you experience something that worked well at other conferences — or perhaps that did not work out? We are open to your ideas, experiences, and suggestions! Please get in touch with us at or via social media!

Anke Reinschluessel

– Engagement Chair

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