Accessibility FAQ

CHI PLAY 2022 is committed to providing an inclusive environment and we will do our best to accommodate requests for special assistance. This page describes the accessibility features of CHI PLAY 2022, to help you make an informed decision about whether the conference will be accessible to you. Please contact us if your question is not answered here, or if the conference arrangements as described are not enough to allow you to attend. We will work with you to the best of our ability, to make the conference accessible.


The Accessibility & Equity Chairs for CHI PLAY 2022 are Lobna Hassan and Gözel Shakeri, whose goal is to ensure the conference is accessible to everyone. When you register for the conference, there will be a registration question labelled “Do you have a disability or require any access accommodations which require our awareness?”, where you can indicate your needs. The Accessibility & Equity Chairs will follow up with you to clarify your needs. You can also contact them directly at any time by emailing

If there is specific accessibility information you would like to see here, or if you wish to discuss any conference accessibility requirements, please contact our Accessibility & Equity Chairs, Lobna Hassan & Gözel Shakeri by email:

The deadline for accessibility requests is October 01, 2022. If you need support, please inform us of your accessibility requirements/requests before this deadline. You can contact the Accessibility & Equity Chairs, Lobna Hassan & Gözel Shakeri, by email:

We ask that all conference attendees respect individuals’ identities. Please use their stated names and pronouns. If you’re not sure – ask! Please see the Diversity & Inclusion Statement that reflects our commitment to a welcoming and safe environment. Additionally, please review expectations stated in the ACM SIGCHI Policy on Harassment and Discrimination.

Student volunteers will be available to assist disabled attendees. If you will need volunteer assistance at the conference, please indicate this on your conference registration form.

If you would like assistance during presentation or have other accessibility requests please contact Lobna Hassan & Gözel Shakeri at by October 01, 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter.

We have instructed authors to avoid these sensory experiences in their videos and presentations. Additionally, the video chairs will check for problematic content. However, your personal mileage may vary.

If you are concerned about this, please contact Lobna Hassan & Gözel Shakeri at as early as possible.


The Congress Bremen is located just in the city centre of Bremen, near the central main station “Bremen”. The congress centre is accessible by numerous transport options. Please refer to Congress Bremen’s website for detailed travel information

CHI PLAY 2022 will be held in a single venue across four rooms on the first level (“Kongressebene”) at the Congress Bremen: Borgward, Loyd, Danzig, and London. As the first level is accessible by lift, and our rooms are collocated you will not have to walk too much to travel across the rooms. For more details, check out Congress Bremen’s accessibility page.

For the overall layout of the venue, please refer to this page.

Yes, the conference venue will be accessible by wheelchair. All doors and entrances are wheelchair accessible and feature access doors. So if you have your own wheelchair and wish to bring it to an event you are welcome to do so.

CHI PLAY 2022 rooms are in the Congress Bremen on the first level, that is “Kongressebene”. The first level is accessible by lift.

The Congress Bremen has accessible toilets within easy access of our conference rooms on the first floor (“Kongressebene”). In addition, there are accessible toilets on the ground floor (“Messeebene”) thus on every level of the Congress Bremen.

Yes, service animals are permitted within the Congress Bremen. We remind all attendees that guide dogs are working animals, and ask that they refrain from petting, distracting, or otherwise preventing them from doing their job. We would ask that assistance dogs are clearly identifiable around the congress centre.

FM assisted devices can be arranged if requested by the accessibility deadline.

In accordance with legislation in Germany and Congress Bremen company policy, smoking is prohibited in all internal areas of the venue. Smokers may use the designated outdoor smoking areas which are clearly indicated.

During coffee breaks, attendees can expect light refreshments. For more specific questions or requests about food, please contact the accessibility chairs Lobna Hassan & Gözel Shakeri at as early as possible. 

COVID measures will be in line with government regulations. Please have a look here for travel regulations in(to) Germany, and most up-to-date COVID rules in Bremen. However, we encourage attendees to self-test and consider wearing masks in an effort to protect others regardless of official guidance. 


The conference will provide live captioning on the Zoom platform.

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