Extended Abstract Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

CHI PLAY 2022 uses one single template format for submission to all tracks, including “Extended Abstracts”. Submissions should use the new ACM Primary Article Templates. Detailed instructions on formatting can be found at http://www.acm.org/publications/authors/submissions.

Accepted submissions are published in the CHI PLAY 2022 Extended Abstracts and ACM Digital Library.

Submissions must be made using the Precision Conference System (PCS).

Submissions should be formatted as follows:


  • ACM Primary Article Template (references not included), two-column sigconf style. 

Work in Progress, Interactivity, Student Game Design Competition, Perspectives on Play, Doctoral Consortium

  • ACM Primary Article Template (references not included), single-column manuscript style. 
  • Authors should submit manuscripts for review in a single-column format, which is available for Word and LaTeX (use the “manuscript” call to create a single-column format, rather than “acmsmall”). If you are using the ACM LaTeX Overleaf template, please select the “ACM Journals – New Primary Template“, not the “ACM Conference Proceedings ‘Master’ Template”

Please see the instructions for the individual tracks for information on specific settings, page limits, and whether references are excluded from the page limit. 


Papers: Please use inclusive language throughout your papers. Some commonly-used charged terminology and alternative suggestions can be found at: https://www.acm.org/diversity-inclusion/words-matter. Please avoid using gendered language, ableist language, and racialized terminology. 

You are asked to provide alt-text descriptions for all figures in your submission. Writing good descriptive text is important, so please look at http://www.sigaccess.org/welcome-to-sigaccess/resources/describing-figures/ for guidance and examples. 

More information for writing accessible papers can be found the SIGCHI website: https://sigchi.org/conferences/author-resources/accessibility-guide/ 
Videos: For accessibility guidelines for videos please refer to the video guidelines.

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