The Interactivity track is an opportunity for researchers, designers, and artists within the wider CHI PLAY community to showcase their work in a hands-on setting that gives conference attendees the opportunity to explore and discuss their systems. We are looking for submissions that push the boundaries of playful human-computer interaction through technical advancement, innovative interaction concepts, or stimulate aesthetic and critical reflection through design. Authors or creators should consider the Interactivity track, when they consider the experiential dimension as a fundamental condition for appreciating their work, understanding its contribution, or stimulating discussion with visitors.

The Interactivity track at CHI PLAY invites submissions in two main categories, research and design. Submissions to the research category are expected to make a contribution to our understanding of how humans interact with playful technologies, which needs to be evidenced by thoroughly situating results in previous research in our field when preparing the extended abstract. Submissions to the design category are expected to provide an experience that engages conference attendees and stimulates conversation; in their abstract submission, we expect authors to describe the design case and reflect on the play experience.

Submissions are up to 8 pages excluding references in the new ACM Primary Article Templates. Detailed instructions on formatting and submission can be found at Extended Abstract Submission Guidelines

Interactivity papers are archived in the ACM Digital Library in the CHI PLAY 2022 Extended Abstracts.

Important dates

(all times are 23:59 Anywhere on Earth or AoE):

July 20, 2022
July 21, 2022 (AOE)
Interactivity submission deadline (extended abstract and walkthrough video)
Submission deadline extended due to technical issues with PCS
August 16, 2022 Decisions sent to authors
August 22, 2022 Camera-ready submission deadline, including extended abstract and walkthrough video


  • All deadlines are 23:59 Anywhere on Earth (AoE)
  • Up to 8 pages (references excluded) in ACM Primary Article Template; detailed instructions on formatting can be found at
  • 2-5 minute walkthrough video to demonstrate your system and show the user interactions in some detail, detailing the expected experience. This video will be used for review purposes and for inclusion in the ACM Digital Library. 
    This video will also be used as backup presentation material, for sharing in social media, and as a source for discussion during the conference. For some submissions, a TwitchTV style presentation format might work well, but authors may decide upon their own preferred format for the video.
    Please refer to the video guidelines for more details about the accepted video formats.  Please do NOT anonymize your submission.
  • Submissions (max 100MB total) must be made to CHI PLAY 2022 using the Precision Conference System (PCS)
  • Submissions are NOT ANONYMOUS
  • Upon acceptance, authors are expected to deliver a demonstration at the conference 


Papers: Please use inclusive language throughout your papers. Some commonly-used charged terminology and alternative suggestions can be found at: Please avoid using gendered language, ableist language, and racialized terminology.

You are asked to provide alt-text descriptions for all figures in your submission. Writing good descriptive text is important, so please look at for guidance and examples.

More information for writing accessible papers can be found at the CHI 2021 guidelines:  

Videos: For accessibility guidelines for videos please refer to the video guidelines.  

Review Process

Interactivity submissions will be juried. All identifying information about authors must NOT be anonymized before submission.

Upon Acceptance

Authors of accepted papers will receive information about the (short) timeline to camera ready submission and the required materials, including a brief walkthrough video of the interactive experience.

During the Conference

Authors of accepted submissions will be expected to attend the conference and showcase their system. We will work with authors of accepted submissions to arrive at the necessary requirements for presenting at the venue. 

After the Conference

Interactivity papers and the 2-3 minute teaser videos are archived in the ACM Digital Library in the CHI PLAY 2022 Extended Abstracts.

Please direct any questions to

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