Student Volunteers

CHI PLAY needs your help!

We are looking for student volunteers (virtual and in-person) to help us make the hybrid conference a great experience for everyone!

CHI PLAY is both fun and a great opportunity to meet your fellow academics, and the student volunteers are on the front lines. As a student volunteer, you will be pivotal in keeping everything running smoothly throughout the conference, and we are encouraging friendly, enthusiastic, and dedicated volunteers to help us out.

Become a Student Volunteer

To become a student volunteer, you must have had student status for at least one semester during the academic year 2022. We are more than happy to accept undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students.

We plan to prioritise opportunities for applicants who face greater systemic exclusion and/or marginalisation. We invite you to let us know if you often experience marginalisation or prejudice (e.g., racism, sexism, ableism, classism, etc.). 

What will I do when I volunteer?

An academic conference can be great fun, but it is all made possible by those behind the scenes who ensure everything runs smoothly. So if you apply and are selected to be a student volunteer, you will agree to:

  • Show up on time to tasks
  • Attend an orientation session
  • In-person Student Volunteers: Work approx. 20 hours
  • Virtual Student Volunteers: Work approx. 10 hours
  • In-person student volunteers: arrive at the conference by Tuesday afternoon (November 1st) at the latest. 
  • COVID-19 regulations: Student volunteers are expected to be vaccinated/masked, but like all other attendees, they must comply with any other rules that may be in place during the conference. However, we also note that due to the nature of the conference, in-person student volunteers are likely to have a high level of interaction with the attendees.

In return, we commit to waiving your attendee fee, and you will receive a small gift. Finally, we will throw online game parties for you and your student volunteer teammates.

Apply here

This year, we accept both in-person and virtual student volunteers. If either option is suitable for you, feel free to mark the option (“Virtual SV or In-person SV”) in the application survey so that you can be considered for both student volunteering roles: as a result of the selection process, you can be placed in only one of the roles, but once you have been selected, you cannot switch your role. Please fill out the CHI PLAY 2022 – Student Volunteer Application. [Link:]

Student volunteering applications will remain open until Friday August 19th, 2022. We aim to be in touch with all volunteers by September 1st.

Got questions?

If you have any questions about becoming a student volunteer for CHI PLAY, please contact our Student Volunteer Chairs at:

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