Perspectives on Play

Perspectives on Play (PoP) is a *revamped* and innovative track at CHI PLAY aimed at quickly communicating new ideas, reflections, or provocations within and beyond research. The track aims to spark engagement within the CHI PLAY community and adjacent spaces, inviting input from industry, academia, the indie world, and anyone with a stake in games research. We welcome short contributions from those with a unique, constructive, or critical take on game development, games user research, games education, gamification, player experience, or similar. Contributions can be lessons learned, critical opinions, (meta-)reflections on current practice, visions of how the community or our research may be shaped in the future, or anything else that invites discussion. We also encourage new perspectives from folks in other fields that do not typically publish at or attend CHI PLAY, e.g., designers, scholars in the humanities, etc. to elicit conversation across disciplines.

The track does NOT invite new or in-progress empirical research – such work should be aimed at the Work in Progress (WIP) or Full Papers tracks – or courses on important methodologies and practical tools – such work should be aimed at the Connections track.

We invite bite-size contributions that represent the above, to be submitted as follows:


Up to 1300 words in the single-column ACM Primary Article Template, where the count does NOT include:

  • Content above the first heading: Author, Title, Abstract (max 100 words), CCS Concepts, Additional Keywords and Phrase, and ACM Reference Format
  • Figures and tables (including content and captions)
  • References
  • Acknowledgements
  • Appendices

Detailed instructions on formatting and submission can be found at Extended Abstract Submission Guidelines.

In addition to the abstract, authors/presenters will be asked to provide the following in the PCS system:

  • A brief rationale (2-3 sentences) on how the contribution is of interest to the CHI PLAY community
  • A 250-word biography of the author(s)/presenter(s)

Upon acceptance, authors will need to provide a 3-minute pre-recorded video of their presentation as a backup and for archival purposes. Please see video guidelines for our recommendations about the video submissions.


The review process will involve curation by committee, decided in a small PC meeting. 


Authors of Perspectives on Play papers will prepare a camera-ready version of the paper (potentially incorporating feedback provided by the reviewing committee), as well as the pre-recorded video of their presentation. Author(s) will get a chance to discuss their work and engage with the audience.


All accepted Perspectives on Play papers and their respective pre-recorded videos will be archived in the ACM Digital Library in the CHI PLAY 2023 Extended Abstracts.
Please direct any questions to

Important Dates:

(all times are 23:59 AoE)


TBAEarly Bird Registration

Full Papers (Journal Articles)

February 21, 2023Submission deadline
April 21, 2023First-round notification
June 2, 2023Revisions due
July 7, 2023Final notifications given

Work in Progress

June 22, 2023Submission deadline
August 3, 2023Notification

Perspectives on Play

June 22, 2023Submission deadline
August 3, 2023Notification

Student Game Design Competition

June 22, 2023Submission deadline
August 3, 2023Notification

Interactivity Track

June 22, 2023Submission deadline
August 3, 2023Notification

Connections Track

June 22, 2023Submission deadline
August 3, 2023Notification

Doctoral Consortium

June 22, 2023Submission deadline
August 3, 2023Notification
August 31, 2023Revised DC Video submission deadline

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