September 15, 2017
Early-bird discount ends

October 15, 2017
Conference opens

"Dutch Courage" Exhibition at CHI Play

For the first time in the conference series, CHI PLAY 2017 hosts an Play Exhibition of games and playable artifacts. As CHI PLAY is at the crossroads of research, design, and experimentation, we called our exhibition “Dutch Courage”: an homage to the risk-taking, daring attitude that many developers demonstrate as they innovate the field. Dutch Courage showcases highlights of game design from the Netherlands, and will take place in Mediamatic on Sunday 15 and Monday 16 October, with a Reception on Monday evening at 17.30. The exhibition is always open to the public, except during the reception.

We are grateful to Mediamatic, a space dedicated to new media arts since 1983, for hosting the exhibition, as well as to the Dutch Game Garden for support and networking.

From an initial list of more than seventy games, twenty-five were finally selected, taking into account new types of gameplay and interaction with players. We are proud to present the following artifacts as part of Dutch Courage at CHI PLAY 2017.

  • 'A.L.I.B.I.' (YipYip)
  • Beambox (Little Chicken)
  • Bolean (Digital Dreams)
  • Bolt Storm (Kuality Games)
  • Bounden (Adriaan de Jongh)
  • Deep (Monobanda)
  • DJ Fiero (GainPlay)
  • Fingle (Adriaan de Jongh)
  • Fragments of Him (Sassybot)
  • FRU (Through Games)
  • Gryphon Rider (Grendel Games)
  • Herald: An Interactive Period Drama (Wispfire)
  • Het Boekanier Dossier (Puzzelpost)
  • Hidden Folks (Adriaan de Jongh)
  • Judge Mental (Wooden Plank Studios)
  • Lekker (Lapp)
  • Lethal League (Team Reptile)
  • Lily (Charlotte Madelon)
  • Nebula (NYOYN)
  • Pillo (OLLIP B.V.)
  • Pine (Twirlbound)
  • Tied Together (Napalmtree studios)
  • Tovertafel (Active Cues)
  • Unexplored (Ludomotion)
  • Vil Du?!' (YipYip)